2019 Miles for Moffitt

G2 Team
G2 Team

Guatemalan Globes

We're working to end cancer … and we need your help!

On Saturday, November 23, 2019, Our team is participating in the 14th annual Miles for Moffitt run/walk event. All proceeds go completely to support lifesaving cancer research at Moffitt Cancer Center. Moffitt researchers are at the very front lines of the effort to defeat cancer. They've already made so many amazing breakthroughs, and cancer patients here in Florida and around the world have benefited from their efforts.

As a two-type cancer champion having had two, unrelated rare diseases - Triple Negative Breast Cancer and ChondroSarcoma (primary bone cancer), research is critical for drugs, surgery, genetics and immunotherapy breakthroughs.  Both of the cancers I had are rare and aggressive when they are active. Trial drugs and/or amputations are there only options right now. But there's so much MORE work to do. So many MORE lives still to be saved!

That's why we're asking you to support me and my team in our Miles for Moffitt run/walk — either by signing up to participate yourself (I'd love to have you on the team!), or by giving a tax-deductible gift to support our efforts. Whether you can give $10 or $1,000, every penny will help bring closer the day when cancer is beaten. Please do what you can to help. Thank you so much!

the Guatemalan Globes and Royal Globe Holder. 

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