2019 Miles for Moffitt

Support Squad

We're working to end cancer … and we need your help!
On Saturday, November 23, 2019, our team is participating in the 14th annual Miles for Moffitt run/walk event. All proceeds go completely to support lifesaving cancer research at Moffitt Cancer Center. Moffitt researchers are at the very front lines of the effort to defeat cancer. They've already made so many amazing breakthroughs and cancer patients here in Florida and around the world have benefited from their efforts. 
But there's so much MORE work to do. So many MORE lives still to be saved! Our close colleague's husband, Jack White, recently passed away at Moffitt Cancer Center from complications related to Stage IV metastatic cancer. He fought his battle as a Moffitt patient for almost 3 years! He was an avid runner and triathlete for many years. In 2018, in failing health, he participated in the Miles for Moffit event. He loved it and proudly wore his survivor t-shirt. His wife, Regina, pushed him most of the way in his wheelchair in the 5K event. He was able to walk with help the last few feet so he could cross the finish line. Regina and Jack made plans to participate this November, but he passed away September 1, 2019. In honor of Jack White and and his love for running and Moffitt, I am asking you to make any donations in his name as a way to remember and honor his memory, while contributing to the Moffitt mission - the prevention and cure of cancer.
To continue our ongoing efforts to contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer, I am asking you to support us in the Miles for Moffitt run/walk by giving what you can in the memory of Jack White. Every penny will help bring closer the day when cancer is no longer a threat. Please do what you can to help. Your gift is tax deductible. Thank you so much!
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