2019 Miles for Moffitt

The Previvors

As a "previvor", I'm working to end cancer … and I need your help!

My grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer at 32, and died at the young age of 36. Her sister was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and died at a young age after fighting the disease for years. Their mother had breast cancer, as well. Due to my strong family history of cancer, I asked my PCP and OBGYN to order a mammogram on my 30th birthday. They refused to order the mammogram stating that it was "unnecessary exposure to radiation." One provider even told me that I was not at an increased risk of cancer because these cancers ran on my father's side of the family (By the way, that is not true!!).

Thank God for Moffitt Cancer Center.

In 2016, I met with Laura Barton, a Moffitt geneticist, and reviewed my family history. She and I agreed that I should be screened for certain genetic mutations (including BRCA and, due to additional family history, APC colon cancer mutations). I tested positive for a BRCA mutation and variants of unknown significance with the APC gene.

Since then, the Moffitt team has helped me to set up and establish annual preventive appointments for all those cancers to which I am considered a "high risk patient." The total number of appointments equal thirteen annual appointments.

Knowing that you are positive for a genetic mutations that puts you at high risk for such awful diseases can be emotionally difficult. However, the team of Moffitt providers and staff that care for me truly puts me at ease.

I invite all other "PREVIVORS", their families, and their friends to join our team on Saturday, November 23 in the 14th annual Miles for Moffitt run/walk event.

One hundred percent of proceeds from this event go completely to support lifesaving cancer research at Moffitt Cancer Center, including research that helps to identify and treat those of us with genetic mutations. They've already made so many amazing breakthroughs, and "Previviors" patients around the world have benefited from their efforts.

But there's so much MORE work to do. So many MORE lives still to be saved!

That's why I'm asking you to support us in the Miles for Moffitt run/walk. Whether you decide to discuss your familial risk of cancer with your provider, undergo your first preventive screening test, join our Miles for Moffitt run/walk team, or donate financially to our team by giving $1, $5, $10 or even $1,000, every step towards prevention and every penny we raise will help bring closer the day when cancer is no longer a threat. Please do what you can to help.

And talk to your provider, or feel free to reach out to me directly, to ask about genetic testing and cancer prevention.

Thank you so much!

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