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Distance for Doni

Welcome to Distance for Doni!

 Thank you for stopping by to read my story.

 My name is Donielle and I was diagnosed with endometrial/uterine cancer almost 4 years ago. I had just turned 30 and was about to celebrate my 1 year anniversary with husband, when I was told I had a life changing cancer, most commonly found in women post menopause. 

I knew I had been through a lot in my life for only being 30 and I thought this would just be something else I needed to learn to deal with. I couldn’t have been more wrong about how this would change life as well as the impact to my family & friends.


Cancer has the ability to take control of your life in the worst way possible. It was in the first year after my surgery that I truly realized how difficult this fight was going to be. I mourned the loss of being a mother and grandmother and wondered often what my child would have looked like. I had to make choice – let this make me a miserable person or acknowledge and accept it, and move forward. I spent time learning about myslef and the cancer experience and decided to move forward and by doing that I knew I needed to be honest, open and trasparent about this process and experience.


I had to internally and publicly acknowledge that some days are hard and I don’t always have it together. I had to come up with ways to answer people that asked me when I was going to have a baby. And I had to understand that just because I wasn’t going to be a mom, didn’t mean my life was over, it just meant it would be different than I had pictured or planned. In fact my life was just beginning. I became kinder to myself and others. I started to embrace every little thing and consider it a blessing.

I am lucky to be alive and healthy. I am grateful for the opportunity to tell you that even in the hardest situations you will learn something about yourself. It might not make sense in the moment and we may never know the reason why these things happen. However, if you work hard to allow yourself to grow, then your life will get better!


Since I started this team, my family and friends have participated and helped raise money for the past three years. I am hoping this year to expand and grow. If you are interested in joining us please sign up. I promise that when you cross the finish line you will feel like you have done something great!


On behalf of my team, we appreciate your donation and/or participation. I look forward to continuing to share my story and helping other women. 



Thank you, Donielle




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