2021 Miles for Moffitt

The Remissions

I am very excited to be involved in my first ever Miles for Moffitt! On November 20, let’s move for what matters - love, courage, and finding the cures to cancer. This is more than a race to us and our patients. This event brings all of us together for one purpose, raising funds for life saving research. Miles for Moffitt brings hope and puts our patient’s courage on full display.

My Miles for Moffitt team is named after my band, The Remissions, a group of talented musicians comprised of Moffitt employees from across various departments.


Vocals:  Dana Ataya, MD, Diagnostic Radiology

Guitar:  Jim Mule’, PhD, Associate Center Director, Translational Research

Bass:  Jeff Leighton, RN, ICU

Drums:  Ron Zalva, Security Officer

Keyboards:  Patrick Hwu, MD, President & CEO


Our team is dedicated to this cause because we know research is the key to reducing and ultimately eliminating deaths from cancer. Every dollar raised and every step taken is vital to our mission.

Thank you for visiting my page, I would love your support of our team and I hope to see you on race day!

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