2019 Miles for Moffitt

Fighter Foundation

Inspired by Michelle Boyd DeJong; the fighter foundation is a non-profit focused on improving the quality of life for ALL but especially those impacted by brain tumors.

fighter foundation objectives: 

fund brain tumor research
promote brain tumor awareness
support qualityof life enrichment
community events

who is a fighter?

A fighter approaches life with unwavering positiive and relentless hope - hope that she might take every opportunity to make a difference in the world. She fights not just for a cancer cure but also for love, laughter and life!

join the fight! 

Whether you fight for a loved one, yourself or perhaps even a stranger, the fighter foundation invites you to join us in the fight to cure cancer. On Saturday November 23rd, cancer fighters from around the country will join in downtown Tampa at Miles for Moffitt to show a united front in our battle as we support the cancer research being performed at Moffitt. Michelle gave her all to the fight and when it seemed like she may have nothing left to give, she selflessly offered the very disease that would take her life so that it could be studied with the HOPE that she might continue to contribute toward a cure. 



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