2021 Miles for Moffitt

Fight to Cure Brain Tumors
Fight to Cure Brain Tumors

Team Fighter

Fighter Foundation was founded in honor of Michelle B. de Jong and her fight with glioblastoma to raise awareness, provide support, and improve research for brain tumors. 

Are you a fighter?
Be a part of something big.
Be a part of the cure.
Be the good.

Please join us in raising funds for patients, families, survivors, and caregivers by joining Team Fighter or making a gift. Whether you can give $10 or $1,000, every dollar matters to supporting research at Moffitt Cancer Center.

Thank you for your support. Because of you we will make a difference! 



A fighter does not inspire simply because they have cancer. A fighter inspires because of the character with which they fight it. It isn't the ability to overcome surgeries or bounce back from chemo and radiation. It isn't combating the side effects of treatments or the constant fear of ravaging impacts of the disease. It isn't the physical therapy, the loss of bodily functions or even the risks inherent to clinical trials. A fighter overcomes these challenges with relentless hope and unwavering positivity. It is a hope that she might take every opportunity to make a difference. She fights not just for her cure but a cure for those who fight after her. She fights for love and laughter and life. Michelle B. DeJong fought for all of these things and we continue the fight!

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